This is an annual event to which other clubs are invited to send teams for a day of triples play. A club may send just one team of three, or more teams if they wish. These visitors pay a fee to enter and it is the job of our members to see that they have a good days bowling.

Our members do not normally bowl, although occasionally one or two may be asked to make up a team, but all our members help in the many tasks needed to make the day go with a swing, particularly as visitors are served with morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

Members are asked to help with the following tasks:

Preparation of the Club premises and green beforehand.

Erection of the sun shades or marquee either on the day or beforehand.

Provision and Run the bar.

Preparation beforehand and serving on the day of morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea.

Record and display the scores as the day progresses, culminating in identifying the winners of each group. The teams are divided into two groups and they play the members of their own group in a ’round robin’ league, one group playing whilst the other group have their morning coffee, or later their lunch and later still their tea, This relay working enables us to deal with as many as 16 teams and give each a very good day out.

The winners of each group play each other in a ‘best of three ends’ grand final to determine the overall winner. This final can be quite a tense affair.

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