This is a list of regular annual events. Together with the fixture list it will give you a flavour of our club. The News page will give you the latest update on these and other activities. Click the title of an event for full details.

May – September 2018

Roll Ups.  

Start times – Monday afternoon 2.30 pm. These are very friendly affairs and are a good opportunity to try out bowls as a pastime.

May 24th  Club Competition Draw & Social Evening

This is an evening when we make the draw for our internal club competitions and also enjoy a social evening with cheese & wine.

July 7th Len Smith Drive

This is an annual event open to all members. The Len Smith Drive consists of short matches, of four ends, with partners and rink being redrawn after each session. Players keep their own scorecard for each session, treating themselves as ‘home’ and the opponents as ‘away’. They build up a total over the whole event. The player with the highest ‘home’ total is the winner.

July 28th Colemans Hatch Flower Show

Every year we have a stand at the Flower Show, not showing flowers, but on hand to inform visitors about the club and its activities.

August 27th Invitation Triples Tournament

This is an annual event where other local bowling clubs are invited to enter teams of three for a day of competitive play. Our members ensure the visitors have a good day bowling and help in the many tasks needed to make the day go with a swing, including serving morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea.

September 8th Club Finals Day

On this day, the finals of the club’s internal competitions take place. All the trophies are presented by the President of the club. Results are shown on the News page drop-down. A ‘Pot-Luck’ lunch for all is provided by the contestants and spectators.

September 16th Presidents Match
An annual match between a team provided by our President and a team of Colemans Hatch club members.

Throughout the Season.

Some activities take place throughout the bowling season and cannot be classified as dated ‘Events’. These are listed here.

Australian Pairs

A club league competition using the Australian Pairs system.

Richmond Trophy

Throughout the season a record is kept of our scores on every rink in every club match, and the names of the members playing on each rink. At the end of the season the winner is the player with the highest average score over their best 10 results.

Club Competitions

All members are encouraged to enter our internal competitions. You do not have to be very good or very experienced. They are just good fun.